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    Scroll down to see full features of the 30' Cyclone Rotary Cutter!

    Low HP Required

    From 180HP

    Machine Width

    30′ cutting width

    All-rounder machine for cutting tall grass to clearing weeds, brush and crop residue

    When looking for a versatile, hardworking machine, look no further than the award-winning Cyclone Rotary Cutter. This heavy duty machine has similar mulching capabilities of a flail shredder but with much less power requirements and faster forward working speeds. From traditional pasture topping to clearing crop stubble, these machines are equally at home in set aside acres, forestry margin management and maintaining CRP land.

    The 30-foot Cyclone has 10 rotors, doubling the number of heads found in batwing mowers, to ensure all material is cut cleanly leaving no windrows. Each rotor has four blades made of high-grade hardened steel to deliver a finely distributed mulch that speeds up the decomposition process and puts nutrients and moisture back into the soil.

    The MAJOR Cyclone is manufactured using high performance Strenx® 700 MC structural steel which delivers extra resistance against fatigue and allows it to take higher payloads without affecting design or performance. Hardox® 450 abrasion-resistant steel discs protect the high-grade hardened spring steel blade system while the machine is working.

    Combined with hot-dip galvanization to EN ISO 1461:2009 specifications, the Cyclone Cutter will outlive ordinary cutters, therefore providing the ultimate return in terms of performance and investment.

    The Major Cyclone is suitable for pasture maintenance, weeds, brush, and scrub clearance. It also easily shreds crop stubble including corn, cotton, sorghum, milo stalks, potato vines, sugar-beet tops and other crops.


    • 30′ cutting width
    • Accommodates 30” (12), 36” (10), 38″ (10) and 40″ (10) row spacings
    • Fits fully mounted CAT II and III quick hitch (3-point hitch style)
    • Cutting height range of 1½” to 7”
    • Blender-style mulching and even distribution of material – no wind rowing
    • Made from high-performance Strenx® 700 MC structural steel and fully galvanized
    • Hardox® 450 abrasion-resistant steel discs
    • Walterscheid PTO shaft and customized heavy duty Comer gearboxes
    • Heavy duty full-length rear roller
    • Low maintenance machine with less wearing parts than a flail mower
    • Wings hydraulically fold up to 13’ 9”  for safe and easy road travel
    • 6mph working speed – 50% faster than a flail
    • Delivers 50% savings on power consumption and fuel costs


    Pasture & Paddock

    Heavy Scrub

    Light Scrub

    Airfields & Military Bases

    Firebreak Mowing


    Specifications MJ30-920
    Overall width 31’
    Cutting width 30’
    Transport width 13’ 9”
    Power (HP) 180-250HP
    PTO (rpm) 1000
    Cutting height 1½” to 7”
    No. of Rotors 10
    No. of Blades 40
    Weight 6,834 lbs.
    Blade speed 13,700 FPM

    Full Features & Specification Download Now.


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