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Cyclone Shredder/Cutter

The MAJOR Cyclone Field Cutter  has been designed to do the work of a flail mower with reduced power consumption, outperforming equivalent-sized flail mowers in every way.

The cutting head system has 4 blades per rotor for powerful ‘blender-style’ shredding, which delivers a fine mulch and even distribution of vegetation. This speeds up the decomposition process and puts nutrients and moisture back into the soil.

These machines are ideal for every day grassland management and the shredding of corn, cotton, maize, milo stalks, potato vines, wheat, barley, sugar-beet tops and other crops.

The MAJOR Cyclone is also ideal for orchard maintenance to assist in disease control and maximize yield potential.

30Ft Cyclone Perry McNatt quote


Requires 50% less HP input than a flail mower

Impressive forward speeds

No wind rowing like batwing rotary mowers

Even distribution of cut material

Multi-purpose; for medium brush and stubble management


Specifications MJ31-280 MJ31-560 MJ30-920
Overall width 10' 19' 31'
Cutting width 9'2" 18'4" 30'
Transport width 10' 6' 7" 13' 9"
Power (HP) 80-120HP 100-150HP 180-250HP
PTO (rpm) 540 1000 1000
Cutting height 2” to 6¾” 2” to 6¾” 1½” to 7”
No. of Rotors 4 6 10
No. of Blades 16 24 40
Weight 2,083 lbs. 5,026 lbs. 6,834 lbs.
Blade speed 11,400 FPM 13,700 FPM 13,700 FPM
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