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MJ30 Winged Cyclone | Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance for winged models of the Major Cyclone
MJ30-420 (14ft)
MJ30-560 (18ft)
MJ30-630 (20ft)

MJ30-920 Cyclone | Installation and Maintenance

From checking gearbox oil every 40 hours to sharpening the blades regularly, follow these simple steps to keep your 30-ft Cyclone in prime working condition.


Cyclone Deck | Adjusting the Skid and Roller

Adjusting the skid and roller on the 9ft Major Cyclone for optimum shredding performance.

Cyclone Deck | Roller Maintenance

We recommend greasing roller ends after every 40 hours worked or daily if working in row crops. The full length roller on the 9 ft Major Cyclone increases stability on uneven ground with the added benefit of crushing crop stubble.

Cyclone Deck | Checking Oil Levels

How to check the gearbox oil levels on your 9ft Major Cyclone.

Cyclone Deck | PTO Greasing

Details how to maintain your PTO for longer working life.