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Cut, chop and shred using 50% less power consumption than equivalent-sized flail shredder.

Save on input costs

Low fuel and power consumption means substantial savings for your business.

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Premium components

Constructed with Strenx® High Performance steel and hot-dip galvanized for extra durability.

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Low maintenance

Simple to operate and low maintenance machine with minimal downtime.

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Powerful shredding in 30 ft swath

The only 30-ft crop shredder on the market that’s 3-pt. mounted, beltless and can be folded up for safe road transport.  The MJ30-920 takes as little as 180hp to power 40 mulching blades that pulverizes the extra tough crops grown today.

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MAJOR is a global brand known for strength, stamina and value

We see ourselves as a provider of solutions. This means we listen carefully to the needs of our customers and gain a full understanding of their working environment before developing machinery for the market. This philosophy has fuelled our success over the last 40 years and remains at the heart of our mission – to make extraordinary equipment for businesses to thrive.

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